Venus Reborn

I have always felt like the early sixties represents a fascinating time for women in America.


On one hand, you have the visual remnants of the iconic fifties housewife- a powerful and stylized form of femininity- and as the sixties arose- women began to break free from this narrative- speaking independence and equality in a bolder way than they had before- breaking free from the bonds of unhappy marriage and seeking independent careers in the workplace.


Water represents the birth of life- while fire represents the inner, fire, power and strength of a woman- bursting through and breaking free into her full spiritual power. I could not escape the picture in my mind of this modern sort of Venus- igniting with passion- breaking through oppressive traditions and igniting her own fire- while remaining fully grounded in her own Divine Feminine.


Queen Elizabeth l

She was very intelligent and funny, traditionalist and also modern. Labeled a bastard child, she defeated all odds.

Elizabeth was more than a queen, she was mother to her country, which she even called her child. She remains a spiritual symbol to me.


Belly Dancer

I believe Divine Femininity exists in everyone. Everyone has a Goddess in their soul. Some unleash it; others don't. I am so happy I discovered Tribal Fusion Belly dance, I joined a troupe of powerful women who helped me unleash the Divine Goddess within me and it truly fuels me.

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